/// Back from our summer break with new teas and tea ware - ANMO Artisanal Tea and Contemporary Art



Welcome to ANMO!

Think tea - believe art is our motivation on which we base our concept for ANMO. 

ANMO was founded in 2016 and opened it’s doors in the heart of little Tokyo in Duesseldorf in 2017. The Aim from the very beginning up until now is to bring tea and tea culture in the best possible way near you.

Together with contemporary art, an own capsule fashion collection and many collaborations with our wonderful longterm business partners. 

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Thu 10 - 14 / Fri 15 - 19 / Sat 12 - 16 



Artist Anna Friedel owner of ANMO brewing tea

Bendemannstr. 18
40210 Düsseldorf
Telefon: +4921138731741

E-Mail: shop[at]anmo-art-cha.com
Instagram : @anmo_art_cha