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Welcome to ANMO!

The name ANMO is an anagram put together of the first two letters of our first names, Anna Friedel and Motoko Dobashi. The both of us met while studying Art at the academy of fine arts in Munich in 2003. Traveling and touring Asia together multiple times was the groundwork for coming up with the gallery and shop many years later.

Think tea - believe art is our motivation on which we base our concept for ANMO. 

Moto was trained in Senchado  under a well skilled Sensei while studying in Tokyo. Born and raised in Kyoto she was always surrounded by tea culture, growing up in one of the Japanese capitals of tea.

Anna on the other hand made her entry into the Asian culture through intense martial arts training and encounters in Hong Kong and China. She quickly started to get in touch with Gong Fu Cha, always being interested in natural ways of healing and alternative medicine. Following an advise by her Chinese doctor she started to drink Puerh tea. Shortly after Anna found her way to Sunsing Tea in Hong Kong 2003, which is our main Partner for Chinese teas nowadays. When searching for the assortment of our Japanese teas, Moto aimed and succeeded to find both rare yet very representative products. Some of them are even hard to get by in Japan itself. Since our concept is not only based on tea but just as importantly on contemporary art. We started off with six shows in the gallery space from June 2017 until March 2019, before setting up two art and tea related concepts for both spaces with a different approach. ANMO Shop and ANMO Gallery.

The shop focuses on our way of tea and to help you finding your own. With our premium tea selection, as well as vintage and artisan teaware connected with contemporary art we are confident that we have something in stock for everybody. At Anmo Gallery the goal is to reflect time through art and tea from a philanthropist point of view making the essence of the process tangible. 

We are proud to have special collaborations with artists and designers from around the world who craft special items, with some of them being only available at ANMO. We are a diverse team and build on each others individual strengths and talents.


Have tea with us and take along a piece of serenity, while choosing the weapons for your own way of tea! 

If you have any questions about anything you see on the website or in our window just come by the shop. If you can't you can alwys reach us by mail, phone or via our instagram.


Bendemannstr. 18
40210 Düsseldorf
Telefon: +4921138731741

E-Mail: shop[at]anmo-art-cha.com
Instagram : @anmo_art_cha