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From now on you can once again arrange a private tea session at ANMO to get a taste of teas that you have always been curious about or maybe to find out more about the history or preperation of your favourite teas. We will arrange a program consisting of teas from our selection, which fit your wishes and stated interests. According to the chosen teas we will serve a small arrangement of tea sweets.

Tasting sessions can be booked monday through saturday. Either from 10:00-12:00 or from 18:00-20:00, as 45 or 90 minute sessions. If you desire a longer session or want to book a tasting in a different timeframe don’t hesitate to ask. We will try to arrange an alternate time in consultation with you.

45 minutes are available for 25€ per person and 90 minutes for 45€ per person, the minimum number of participants being two people per tasting.

You can contact us via shop@anmo-art-cha.de or via landline under +4921138731741. If you like you can give us a short description of what kinds of teas you would like to taste in the session.

To ensure your safety and health we currently have to limit the number of participants to 5 people. We also have to ask you to provide your contact data before the tasting, you may do this in store or send it to us beforehand via email, depending on your preference.


More japanese greens have arrived! With the Kyotonabe Competition-Gyokuro and the Competition-Tamaryokucha Tsuyuhikari we have added two new premium Teas to our selection. The other additions are the new Matcha & Tencha bundles. If you want to try the very leaves matcha is made of before being ground these will be a perfect testing ground for a tasting. We offer both a premium and a beginners version. Of course you can also purchase them individually with all the other new additions here!

Fittingly we have also added some beautiful japanese teaware, wich you can marvel at in the picture above. You can find them among our other collection of japanese teaware here.

After a long waiting period Mr Pak Yeon Tae's have arrived at the shop! The amazing pieces can be found amongst our selection of korean teaware. If you want to find out more about the craft of korean teaware pottery and Gaeunyos style you can read up on it in the interview we held with him here.