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Beginner’s Choice Tea Sample Box
Beginner’s Choice Tea Sample Box

Beginner’s Choice Tea Sample Box

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ORIGIN                                  China/Japan/Taiwan
HARVESTED                          depending on tea
GRAMS                                  10-15g per Package
These sample boxes reflect our assortment in different categories. You will purchase a box of happiness full with teas selected around certain topics. These collections contain a certain number of bespoke teas. The amount of samples can vary according to the topic and each bag is filled with 10 to 15 gr.

BEGINNER’S CHOICE contains the following Teas:

Song Bai Ling Cha 松柏嶺烏龍茶

Oolong tea originating from Nantou region in central Taiwan, famous for the production of finest oolong teas. This winter oolong with a very good performance to price ratio will be a very good daily tea for all the lovers of Taiwanese oolongs.

 Pearl Jasmin 茉莉小龍珠 - Sunsing Tea

This one of our hotsellers, it has an exceptional quality. The white jasmine flowers are grown on evergreen shrubs with a bright scent. Buds bloom from early summer till late fall. Best time to harvest is during the middle of the day as flowers scent is the strongest at that time. The process of flower layering is usually produced with strict standards & separated into many steps so the green tea can fully absorb the fragrance from the flowers. After the tea is brewed, the tea color is jade green with a pleasant jasmine aroma.

 Allday Lapsang 正山小種

We call this tea 'Allday Lapsang' because it fits every occasion. If you want a quick alone-session before going to work in the morning, or have a sitdown with friends in the evening, this tea hits the right buttons and is very 'likeable' for a diverse audience. We recommend you to also try the Wild Lapsang, a wild-grown unsmoked Lapsang, in your exploration of this tea. We offer both the 2018 & 2019 picks of Wild Lapsang.

Gokujo Genmaicha 極上玄米茶 - Ippodo

This Genmaicha from Ippodo is a little bit different than what you normally get when buying similar teas in Japan. It has a larger amount of tea in it giving the liquor more body, sweetness and depth. You can also find some popped grains of rice in the mix. A soothing everyday tea.

Genmaicha goes well with meals. It is also a good choice for ochazuke (tea poured over rice accompanied by Japanese pickled vegetables).


Organic Hojicha オーガニックほうじ茶 - Ippodo

Hojicha's appeal is its mild taste and wonderful aroma. The rich roasted aroma that fills the air the moment you pour on the hot water and the pleasant fragrance that infuses the palate with the first sip defuse tension in your mind and body. Enjoy it as a tea for relaxing or for drinking with confections at teatime.This tea is also cultivated and processed under conditions that comply with the requirements for JAS organic certification, which is equivalent to the EU and USDA organic certification. 


You can choose between Puerh, Oolong, Black, Green and a Beginnerˋs Choice.