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Tekiro Gyokuro - Ippodo 玉露 滴露
Tekiro Gyokuro - Ippodo 玉露 滴露
Tekiro Gyokuro - Ippodo 玉露 滴露

Tekiro Gyokuro - Ippodo 玉露 滴露

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Enjoy the light umami and mellow astringency

Being a shade-cultivated tea, gyokuro is rich in theanine-an amino acid responsible for gyokuro's full-bodied mellow sweetness and slightly viscous nature. In Japan, there is a special name for this taste: umami. Generally, the higher the grade, the richer the umami taste.

While many teas are served hot and consumed as a means to quench a thirst, gyokuro is different. A typical serving is a precious 1/3 of a teacup at a very comfortable 60 C. Indeed, gyokuro's refined luxurious taste is meant to be savored, not rushed.

For seasoned gyokuro drinkers who prefer a slightly weaker umami taste, Tekiro is an excellent choice. If you find that you like the basic character ofTekiro, but want a tea with a bit more body, then we recommend that you try Kakurei.

If you are purchasing this tea for your own consumption, this 100g bag is a good choice. It contains enough tea for about 10 kyusu (Japanese teapot) servings, perfect if you like to drink gyokuro once a day or so. To enjoy the freshest taste, please try to use the tea within 2 weeks of opening the package. If you are trying gyokuro for the first time, we recommend that you consider starting with a 50g bag of Rimpo instead.