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Wakōcha Teabags 下田茶園和紅茶ティーバッグ- Shimoda Chaen
Wakōcha Teabags 下田茶園和紅茶ティーバッグ- Shimoda Chaen
Wakōcha Teabags 下田茶園和紅茶ティーバッグ- Shimoda Chaen

Wakōcha Teabags 下田茶園和紅茶ティーバッグ- Shimoda Chaen

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Although this tea was put into teabags the leaves are high quality and express the best qualities of Wakōcha. A bit spicy, malty and exceptionally sweet. It also has quite some endurance, holding up well up to 4 steeps.
We source our Wakōcha directly from the Shimoda Family Farm in Kumamoto Prefecture in the Japans southernmost main island of
Kyūshū. They didn’t invest in organic certification, but rather directly in their teas without depending on chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. You can taste the extra time, effort and love put into the maintenance of their gardens and production of their teas.

Shimoda Chaen always delivers high quality teas ranging from classics like Kamairicha and Houjicha to newer products like Wakōcha/Japanese Black Tea.

About Wakōcha:
The production of Black Tea in Japan is not quite as new as many make it out to be. Since opening to the world Japan also widened their marked and produced Black Tea for export. During this period many new cultivars were created by crossing Japanese trees with others from India in imperial Japan and it’s colonies, which are now the ancestors of both Japanese and Taiwanese Black Teas. After the demand declined after WW2 almost no Black Tea was produced in Japan, but the rising interest in English style tea nationally and Japanese tea internationally farmers around the country started to produce it again, labeling it as 和紅茶/wakōcha/Japanese Black Tea, in better quality than ever before.