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Japanese Oolong 下田茶園ウーロン茶 - Shimoda Chaen
Japanese Oolong 下田茶園ウーロン茶 - Shimoda Chaen
Japanese Oolong 下田茶園ウーロン茶 - Shimoda Chaen

Japanese Oolong 下田茶園ウーロン茶 - Shimoda Chaen

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Shimoda Chaens Oolong is a great example for the evolving genre of Japanese tea. The slightly coarser leaves, lightly oxidized give of a flowery aroma with pleasant sweetness and body to it. This years batch is a clear step up from last years indicating the dedication put into this tea. Storing some of it to compare to
next years side by side may be a great way to explore this genre of Japanese tea.
We source our Japanese Oolong directly from the Shimoda Family Farm in Kumamoto Prefecture in the Japans southernmost main island of Kyūshū. They didn’t invest in organic certification, but rather directly in their teas without depending on chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. You can taste the extra time, effort and love put into the maintenance of their gardens and production of their teas.

Shimoda Chaen always delivers high quality teas ranging from classics like Kamairicha and Houjicha to newer products like Wakōcha/Japanese Black Tea.

About Japanese Oolong Tea:
Japanese Oolong is a novelty in the Japanese tea world. Mostly experimental batches of farmers all around the country it slowly makes its way from the underground into the hearts of tea afficionados around the world, eager to taste this rarity. Whether produced from Japanese or Taiwanese cultivars grown in Japan, these Oolong have a quite special taste to them, evolving every year with the skill of their producers