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Houjicha 下田茶園ほうじ茶 - Shimoda Chaen
Houjicha 下田茶園ほうじ茶 - Shimoda Chaen
Houjicha 下田茶園ほうじ茶 - Shimoda Chaen

Houjicha 下田茶園ほうじ茶 - Shimoda Chaen

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This Houjicha is very twig heavy and therefore a little bit nuttier and sweet than roasty and dark. Warm caramel and stone fruit notes make a nice and warming brew for the cold seasons or after a stressful day.

Shimoda Chaen always delivers high quality teas ranging from classics like Kamairicha and Houjicha to newer products like Wakōcha/Japanese Black Tea.

About Houjicha

Houjicha is a roasted Japanese green tea and a classic daily drinker from Hokkaidō over Tōkyō and Kyōto all the way south to Okinawa. Twigs and coarser and bigger leaves from the later harvests in Summer and Autumn are mostly used for this variety of tea. Through roasting intracellular sugars get caramelized and depending on the parts used and the degree of roasting more aromatics are produced, resulting in a warm, nutty, roasty and sweet tea. Through the roast and the quality of the more mature leaves used, it also has a reduced caffein content, making it popular for children, elders and in the evening. Especially boiling and coldbrewing bring out the best in this genre of tea.

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