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Sansho-no-shiro 表千家御好 三笑の白 - Ippodo
Sansho-no-shiro 表千家御好 三笑の白 - Ippodo

Sansho-no-shiro 表千家御好 三笑の白 - Ippodo

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HARVESTED Spring 2019

Sansho-no-shiro tastes best when served with sweets. For those who prefer a slightly lighter taste, this matcha is a good choice. We lovingly call it the Avocado-Matcha. Its umami and buttery creaminess remind us just of that. Other than that, it is not to grassy, with little bitterness to speak of. A very nice Matcha for your daily bowl.

About Matcha:
Matcha is a ground Japanese Green Tea, famous for its role in 茶の湯/chanoyu/the Japanese rite of tea. Coming from China Zen Buddhist monks brought over this kind of tea for its medicinal values. Later taken up by the political elites it became a highly valued good fostering diverse artistic expression. To produce this tea the leaves are shaded for a long period of time, (ideally) handpicked and after further production steps first stored for half a year before being ground. Because the whole leaf is consumed it is like a concentrated shot of caffeine and beta-theanin which bring both alertness as well as calm.