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Saemidori Competition Grade Gyokuro Kagoshima
Saemidori Competition Grade Gyokuro Kagoshima
Saemidori Competition Grade Gyokuro Kagoshima

Saemidori Competition Grade Gyokuro Kagoshima

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ORIGIN Kagoshima


Grade Atama Competition Grade

This Gyokuro was grown by one of the few farmers in southern Japan who produce this premium type of tea. The Atama, or head, grade leaf is the last thing that gets filtered out before the tea enters the competitions to make it look more uniform and beautiful. This Gyokuro still contains these parts. It might not be sorted to perfection but the Atama parts add a better harmony to the tea in our opinion.
For a Gyokuro it is very well balanced and sweet, typical for tea from this region. It shows a slight, refreshing astringency and isn't too heavy bodied. Besides it's origin the Saemidori cultivar contributes to this balance. Teas made from it aren't as bitter as other cultivars and make them great for green tea beginners and enthusiasts alike.  

Gyokuro is a Japanese Green Tea only made of the youngest buds and leaves of the spring harvest, shaded for a long time for more amino acids to remain in the leaves and ultimately produce more umami and sweetness in the cup. Traditionally left to rest for half a year just like Tencha used for Matcha, it is now also valued very fresh and is especially valued as 新茶/shincha/fresh tea. Coming from 煎茶道/senchadō, the Japanese way of steeped tea, it is prepared using cool water to a lot of leaf, resulting in concentrated drops of essential oil quality. We especially enjoy Gyokuro in summer slowly steeped only using ice.

Steeping Method
First infusion:

・Amount of tea :5-6 g
・Water temperature: :45-50℃
・Water amount:about 30-50 ml
・Steep duration:90-120 sec

Second infusion:

・Water temperature:about 60℃
・Steep duration:60  sec

Third infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:60 sec

Fourth infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:90 sec

Fifth infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:120 sec

Sixth infusion:

・Water temperature:about 80-85℃
・Steep duration:120 sec