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Saemidori Aracha Kabusecha Ujitawara
Saemidori Aracha Kabusecha Ujitawara

Saemidori Aracha Kabusecha Ujitawara

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ORIGIN Ujitawara/Kyoto


PROCESSING Asamushi processed

This tea was shaded for 2 weeks. It is an Aracha meaning there are still some stems in the mix, making it a little bit rounder in body than other Kabusecha. Tastewise it is both sweet with notes of citrus fruits and a little bit savoury, without being overwhelmingly umami-heavy. This nice balance and overall sweetness comes from the Saemidori cultivar, which isn't as bitter as others and makes teas made from it great for green tea beginners and enthusiasts alike.

It was processed as an Asamushi Sencha meaning it is lightly (around 30sec.) and often directly steamed next to the tea field. The cup usually has lighter color and the  typical notes of the specific cultivar stand out a bit more, making it a prefered style of processing for single cultivar and artisan teas.

Kabusecha literally means "shaded tea" and signifies a processing method that lies between Sencha and Gyokuro, also putting it tastewise in the middle of these two. In Order for it to be considered a Kabusecha the tea leaves have to be shaded a minimum of 2 weeks. This is longer than the period used in modern Sencha production (traditionally Sencha wasn't shaded) but shorter than the 3 to 4 weeks required for it to be considered Gyokuro. This genre of tea arouse with the ongoing mechanization of tea farming and the rising demand for affordable shaded teas around 1900~1930.

Steeping Method
First infusion:

・Amount of tea :4 g
・Water temperature:about 60℃
・Water amount:about 50 ml
・Steep duration:60 sec

Second infusion:

・Water temperature:about 60℃
・Steep duration:15  sec

Third infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:20 sec

Fourth infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:30 sec

Fifth infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:40 sec