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Puerh Tea Tasting

Puerh Tea Tasting

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In this Tea tasting series we will introduce you to differently aged puerh teas, including sheng (raw) and shou (ripe). You will recieve information on the teas and their origin from us and will have the opportunity to ask what you are curious about regarding puerh and its preperation.

Depeding on your choice of topic we will send you the corresponding teas and arrange an appointment upon their arrival.

To schedule the appointment with us, just follow the instructions that come with your tea.

The sessions will be hosted on Jitsi meet, an open source video chat platform which does not require a password or login and utilizes encrypion to ensure your and our privacy.

(On your deskop the session can be held using only your browser, on mobile devices you will have to install their app before the appointment begins)