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Puerh Tea Sample Box - 2005 to 2018

Puerh Tea Sample Box - 2005 to 2018

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This Puerh sample box is including the following teas, please see below:

These sample boxes reflect our assortment in different categories. You will purchase a box of happiness full with teas selected around certain topics. These collections contain a certain number of bespoke teas. The amount of samples can vary according to the topic and each bag is filled with 15g of tea.

2005 Red Label Tea Cake 紅印圓茶

The Red Label teacake, originating in the 1950s, has left a huge impact on the tea world, so even nowadays the Red Label Puerh can be regarded as homage to the original one. The strong taste of wood and wet forest is accompanied by slight astringency, full body and a strong aftertaste.


2006 Yiwu Huang Tian Mini Teacake 易武荒田小餅(秋) - Sunsing tea

“Huang Tian” is located in high mountain area, the land is hardly accessible due to the remoteness of the region, and the tea trees grow naturally without excessive harvesting. The average age of tea trees is about 50 to 60 years old.


2007 Yiwu Jing Long Teacake 易武景龍青餅 - Sunsing tea

The tea material was picked from the small wild trees from YiWu district and the age of the trees is around 50 to 100 years. It is recommended for new Puerh tea drinkers and it is a pleasant gift to share.


2010 Yiwu Old Tea Caravan Trail Teacake 易武老街青餅 - Sunsing tea

The ancient Tea Caravan Trail was an essencial trade route bringing to the outer world the leaves growing in the very craddle of the tea tree. The leaves originating in the YiWu area result in a combination of sweetness and a feeling of warm tones usually associated with hong-cha. Bitterness is not so obvious as one would expect at the beginning, but it is eventually to be sense


2011 Eco-White Paper Shou/Ripe Tuo Cha 生態白紙熟沱 - Sunsing tea

It is the first lot of cooked puerh produced by using the material from wildly growing tea trees. Different from the traditionial cooked puerh, which is made with leaves from cultivated bush tea, its fermentation level can be lower to keep more orignal flavor.


2013 Old Tree Third Leave ripe (shu) Tea Brick 年大樹探花熟磚

This Sunsing square Tea Brick Shape pressed by a special Stone-machine mold. It was picked from the big leaves of the aged arbor tea tree and fermented with the traditional technique by using the water from the well(井泉水) in Menghai area, where the base of the cooked Puerh tea is.


2015 Yiwu Mahei Autumn Teacake 麻黑谷花青餅 - Sunsing tea

MaHei autumn tea was harvested in a good climate. The tealeaves have plump buds with a golden color. Stone modeling helps to accurate the aging process. When it arrived to Hong Kong, it gave a fresh taste in the beginning and the sweet and complex taste were long lasting even in the eighth infusion.


2018 Shangri-La Mini Teacake 年桃花源小餅

In the past few years, Sun Sing Tea mainly produced good quality teacakes from the old big trees. However, due to limited production the cost became higher and higher every year. In order to maintain the balance between quality and cost, we investigate tea materials from different regions. After several challenges, Huang Shan tea is chosen by Mr. Kings Yeung.