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Okuyutaka Sencha Wazuka Kyoto
Okuyutaka Sencha Wazuka Kyoto
Okuyutaka Sencha Wazuka Kyoto

Okuyutaka Sencha Wazuka Kyoto

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ORIGIN Wazuka/Kyoto


PROCESSING Asamushi processed

This slightly shaded Sencha is a great daily drinker. It has a nice and fresh zesty sweetness as well as warm root-vegetable-esque umami which is typical for the Okuyutaka cultivar, more commonly used for Kamairicha in Kyushsu than for Sencha in the Uji area.    

Wazuka boasts over 800 years history of tea production, the tea plantations in the town create a beautiful landscape transforming the town into a piece of art.

Sencha is the most famous steeped Japanese green tea. Developed in the 18th century through new influences from China in literati circles, it has become the staple in Japanese households in all its diversity. It differs mainly from Chinese greens teas during production in the step of 殺青/sassei/fixation, which here is still done in the older way of steaming the leaves. This often gives it a fresh and pleasantly grassy note. The fresh tea of the year is especially valued. 

Steeping Method
First infusion:

・Amount of tea :4 g
・Water temperature:about 60℃
・Water amount:about 50 ml
・Steep duration:60 sec

Second infusion:

・Water temperature:about 60℃
・Steep duration:15  sec

Third infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:20 sec

Fourth infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:30 sec

Fifth infusion:

・Water temperature:about 70℃
・Steep duration:40 sec