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Online Tasting

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Weather you are a beginner or are a Teahead yourself, in this online tasting we will try a tea from our seasonal selection of teas, which we will send to you after arranging our appointment. We will provide knowledge about the tea’s origin, the culture and the manufacturing process which all contribute to the tasting experience.

The course lasts between 45 minutes and up to two hours, avaliable slots depend on the topic you choose!

Part of this season‘s selection are: "Example", "Example", "Example", "Example" & "Example".

We will get in touch with you and arrange an appointment via email after you have completed your purchase. If you like you can specify in what exactly you are interested in and we will arrange an individual program according to your interests. Please note that this can take up to one business day since we take the time to respond to your requests individually.

The sessions will be hosted on Jitsi meet, an open source video chat platform which does not require a password or login and utilizes encrypion to ensure your and our privacy.

(On your deskop the session can be held using only your browser, on mobile devices you will have to install their app before the appointment begins)