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Ippodo Organic Matcha オーガニック抹茶
Ippodo Organic Matcha オーガニック抹茶

Ippodo Organic Matcha オーガニック抹茶

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This tea is cultivated and processed under conditions that comply with the requirements for JAS organic certification, which is equivalent to the EU and USDA organic certification. Organically grown tea leaves are cultivated entirely through natural processes until harvested, so the size of the harvest and flavor of the tea vary from year to year. The difficulty of cultivating organic tea leaves of stable quality and quantity in challenging conditions makes them very rare. We think you will truly enjoy our Organic Matcha, which possesses the natural, strong flavor and fragrance that Ippodo demands.

About Matcha:
Matcha is a ground Japanese Green Tea, famous for its role in 茶の湯/chanoyu/the Japanese rite of tea. Coming from China Zen Buddhist monks brought over this kind of tea for its medicinal values. Later taken up by the political elites it became a highly valued good fostering diverse artistic expression. To produce this tea the leaves are shaded for a long period of time, (ideally) handpicked and after further production steps first stored for half a year before being ground. Because the whole leaf is consumed it is like a concentrated shot of caffeine and beta-theanin which bring both alertness as well as calm.