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"Buchangqi-line" Dehua Porcelain by Yiyu Ceramic Studio - Cup B

"Buchangqi-line" Dehua Porcelain by Yiyu Ceramic Studio - Cup B

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ARTIST Huang Yongxing & Apprentices
ORIGIN China, Peking


MATERIAL Dehua-Porcelain


We are proud to announce that we will soon be collaborating with DXJD from Beijing for Yiyu Ceramics Studio’s “Buchangqi”-line of Dehua porcelain. The pieces by Master Artist Huang Yongxing and his apprentices, including Lei Aiguo, are part of the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
We are making a part of the line-up available for pre-order now, so you can choose from a large selection of pieces. There will be a smaller, permanent selection of our choice available in the shop after the pre-order.
To ensure you get your most desired pieces we recommend that you take part in the pre-order.
PLEASE NOTE: The pre-order period is from 15th of February until 15th of March - your order will be delivered after this phase ends as soon as we receive the pieces.