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Balhyo-cha 발효차 - Dado x ANMO
Balhyo-cha 발효차 - Dado x ANMO
Balhyo-cha 발효차 - Dado x ANMO

Balhyo-cha 발효차 - Dado x ANMO

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ORIGIN                                  KOREA, HADONG
HARVESTED                          MAY 2019
GRAMS                                  20g


Balhyo-cha is a unique type of oxidised tea produced exclusively in Korea. It's leaves are left to oxidise and then kept in a warm and wet environment, which is made possible with the traditional Korean floor heating.

Our Balhyo-cha comes from the Hadong county in South Korea, where the tea bushes grow at the feet of Mt. Jiri, the second highest mountain in the country, in the national park. The bushes grow wildly and originate from the first tea bushes which were successfully planted there in the 9th century, and then abandoned.

The Kim family, owners of the tea garden called "The Garden of Bamboo Aroma" produce only a limited amount of tea every year and we are lucky to know them personally and to be able to obtain tea which is normally only available in the Korean market.

Steeping suggestion:

This tea is very patient, which means you can experiment with different parametres and still enjoy a nice cup.

To follow the standard Korean way of preparing Balhyo-cha, fill 1/4 of the teapot with leaves and add freshly boiled water. Steep for about 1 minute. You repeat the steeping up to 4-5 times using the same portion of leaves and longer steeping time.