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Asadaen Matcha “Ettenraku” 浅田園抹茶 越天楽
Asadaen Matcha “Ettenraku” 浅田園抹茶 越天楽

Asadaen Matcha “Ettenraku” 浅田園抹茶 越天楽

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Ettenraku is one of the most interesting Matcha we ever tried. A very smooth umami is present like in other high-quality Matcha, but its body is very light and airy with a sweetness reminding more of a Sencha or Gyokuro. Especially nice
as 薄茶/usucha/thin tea with light foam.

Asadaen is one of our longest partners, always delivering great and sometimes surprising teas.Not only their single cultivar, but also their blended teas always convince with their clear taste, representing typical Uji tea in its diversity.

About Matcha:
Matcha is a ground Japanese Green Tea, famous for its role in 茶の湯/chanoyu/the Japanese rite of tea. Coming from China Zen Buddhist monks brought over this kind of tea for its medicinal values. Later taken up by the political elites it became a highly valued good fostering diverse artistic expression. To produce this tea the leaves are shaded for a long period of time, (ideally) handpicked and after further production steps first stored for half a year before being ground. Because the whole leaf is consumed it is like a concentrated shot of caffeine and beta-theanin which bring both alertness as well as calm.