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ANMO x Y. Zairai Sencha
ANMO x Y. Zairai Sencha
ANMO x Y. Zairai Sencha

ANMO x Y. Zairai Sencha

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ORIGIN Asamiya/Shiga

This Zairai (seed grown old tea tree material) Sencha is Asamushi processed in the final step which means it is lightly, and often directly, steamed next to the tea field. The cup has usually lighter color of the brew with a deep body and overall sweetness! This tea was grown at 700m altitude, which is rare and unusual for Japanese teas.

Samidori is normally only used for the production of Gyokuro and Tencha, with Zairai Sencha, and especially Kabusecha being a rarity.
Let us introduce to you our brewing suggestions for this tea

Steeping Method

First infusion:

・Amount of tea :5 g
・Water temperature:about 80℃
・Water amount:about 100 ml
・Steep duration:40 - 50 sec

Second infusion:

・Water temperature:about 90℃
・Steep duration:5 - 10 sec

Third infusion:

・Water temperature:about 90℃
・Steep duration:20 - 30 sec