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ANMO x TEACRANE Tsukigase Yabukita Sencha
ANMO x TEACRANE Tsukigase Yabukita Sencha
ANMO x TEACRANE Tsukigase Yabukita Sencha

ANMO x TEACRANE Tsukigase Yabukita Sencha

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Organically grown in the mountains of Nara Prefectures Tsukigase with only forest litter as fertilizer, this Sencha truly represents the pristine terroir it grew in. In this tea the nice balance of the Yabukita varietal is present like in no other Sencha we tasted. A slight sweetness is accompanied by a pleasant bitterness reminiscent of herbs making it a very multidimensional tea with a long aftertaste. You can taste the volcanic soil it grew on in its minerality and the airy body with sweet floral aromas takes you straight to highland meadows covered in wildflowers. An exceptional example of organic Japanese Sencha.  

This tea comes from our cooperation with The Teacrane aka tea master Tyas Sōsen.

About Sencha

Sencha is the most famous steeped Japanese green tea. Developed in the 18th century through new influences from China in literati circles, it has become the staple in Japanese households in all its diversity. It differs mainly from Chinese greens teas during production in the step of 殺青/sassei/fixation, which here is still done in the older way of steaming the leaves. This often gives it a fresh and pleasantly grassy note. The fresh tea of the year is especially valued.

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