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ANMO monthly mix compiled by alphosee - from the turntable straight onto your tea table - enhance your social distance solo sessions with great mixes and feel our love for you out there! Don’t start a block party right away but dancing and screaming on the balcony or opening your window after your favorite cup of tea could be an option! Stay tuned for the weekly fresh tunes here and on our soundcloud.



Since there is a lot of work to put into the shop It ist hard to keep putting as much work into an elaborate description as I used to.
So I have decided to stick to writing a few sentences about my favorite tracks of the mix and a tracklist.

This one starts out with a „Orange Soda“ by Dean Blunt, one of the most interesting and diverse artists top emerge in hiphop in recent years. Slowly fading in is „Das Glück“ by one of my favorite Kraut discoveries GuruGuru, which reminds me a lot of some more contemporary sounds like Berlins „Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge“.
After those there is kind of a transition into a more cubby sphere, starting with the amazing outfit Chillera of Muscat rec. & Jura sound systems „Udaberri Blues“.

Orange Soda - Dean Blunt
Das Glück - GuruGuru
SCHAX - Chillera
Udaberri Blues (Dub Version) - Jura Soundsystem
High Wichita - Kreidler
White tribe - LVRIN
Yu Go Bah - Dazion
Doktor Bomboklat - Henri Dès
Tha_guts (Org. Mix) - Tropical Twist Records
Amarena - Coco Drummel
Aye - Emkay
AMFYBYONZZ - River Yarra
S Transporter 4 - S Transporter
Reflection, Dysfunction - Eiger Drums Propaganda
SCIFI - Pessimist
Astral Traveling - CZARFACE; MF DOOM
Mercury - Laurel Halo
Heel Turn (Vocal Version) - Dean Blunt; Inga Copeland





As this series goes on the mixes have been getting longer along with the descriptions.
With this mix, I do not have as much time to devote to the description. Hence I will go back to the short form description for this one.
The Opener on this one is by Guru Guru, the track is called "Night Birds" and can be found on their "2000 Gurus" comeback Album.
It makes for a nice start into a dreamy mix featuring some of my favorite recent releases. From Worst Records, with "Prométhéé (Low Break Mix)" by Del.Duc & Itakos "Our Favourite Methode".
Hivern Discs are represented by Dj Ungel ft. Monty with the very crisp trance joint "Ethphalia", "Ghetto" by Priorat & the dream-inducing "Microcosms" by Walden.

If I find the time I will try to elaborate on this short description.




This one is a bit more genre focussed than the last few mixes have been. That is mostly due to some CDs which I have digitized lately, most of them being by Krautrock, more or less, classics. In the last few days, I have been going through most of them and have decided to play some of my favorites for this edition of the mix. This is also the reason why this mix was delayed, I wanted to read up on the bands who’s songs are featured.

Even though a clear theme emerged in this mix I still wanted to feature some contemporary releases from different genres (although I am unsure about how to feel about some of the pairings). So I have chosen „4bOOhmAHHrm“ as an intro. It is a track by Best Available Technology from the 2017 family album by boomarm nation. A label that has been releasing a rather wide mixture of sounds form 2010-2017.
The track served as a way to get a fluid transition into Tangerine Dreams „Penguin reference“, which was released as the B-Side on the „Big city dwarves“ Single. To me, it is a track that is very exemplary for the diverse sound of the ever-changing Berlin outfit.
With the next one, the sound jumps back to a more dubby style with „J’ai du bon tabac dans ma tabatière“ by Théo Mueller, released in 2018 on a Compilation named „Vastedub“ by Belgian label Vastechoes, which is as the name suggests a collection of some of the labels featured artists represented with dub- or dub-influenced works. It’s very much worth checking out, just like the rest of the tables releases.
The next track brings the mix back into the field of genre-bending music from Germany, with a „Marienbad“ by Kraan, released on their 2010 album „Diamonds“. In their early days of 1970s Kran were some of the earliest contributors to the genre known later as jazz-rock. The groups matchup was mixed up in different projects over the years, before reuniting in the 2000s with their original lineup.
The next track I have decided to include is by one of Kraans more electronically leaning contemporaries Novalis. „Anakonda“ features a catchy riff, drumline, and progressive synth melodies. The track fades out into „Nahbarkeit“, from Laurel Halos „raw silk, uncut wood“, an American born producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. Who’s past releases are at least as genre-fluid as most of the early Krautrock projects I have found, that is, in a very different way.
Undercut by one of my favorites finds out of the cd collection, „Living in the woods“ by Guru Guru. A drum-heavy track with an obscure vocal (…) the band is, as many of their contemporaries very intertwined with other bands of the scene, they have played alongside Amon Düül, Kraan, Karthago und Cluster. During the early 70s, they were also heavily involved in the aftermath of the student uprising of 68, during live shows political commentary was read on stage and they staged several shows with the socialist student. Alliance and played several gigs in prisons. Their live shows have been described as anarchic and quite fluid.
After the drum-heavy Guru Guru track follows, „Camouflage Simulator“ by Christian Coiffure, released on the highly recommendable „Bamboo shows Tapes 001“. A more synth lead atmospheric track, that makes for a nice blend in-between tracks. Following up is a track by Beta Librae called „Vegas nerve“. As most of the contemporary pieces featured in this edition, it carries a heavy dub influence, with a deep base, lots of echo, and slow beat (which is still quite danceable). Beta Librae is affiliated with the allergy season project out of New York, which is run by Physical Therapy. They have just released the third edition of their charity sampler, which raises funds black communities in NY and is very much worth checking out.
Next is a rerelease from „Catalog Compendium“ of „Miraculous Weekend“ by Peter Ivers originally featured on „Nirvana Peter“ from 1985. Ivers notably scored the 1977 David Lynch Film Eraserhead. With „Blue Space“ by Guru Guru, we get back to the topic. Although like Kraans „Marienbad“, it is from a fairly recent release named „2000 Gurus“ after its release year. It transitions into „Skinny Mini“ by Kurt Vile, a founding member of the band War on Drugs, now signed with Matador Records. A Label concentrating on indie music with a nice recommend playlist, which can be found on most streaming services.
The mix concludes with two more tracks by Tangerine Dream, the first is „Emperors castle“ from the concept album „Destination Berlin“. The album provides a soundtrack for some well known Berlin locations, the city in which the band has remained for most of their existence. It transitions into „Too Hot for my Chinchilla“, which has a very driving feel to it, and builds up in density during the first two-thirds of the track. Until the break arrives and the track gets topped off with an extended guitar riff.

That was it for this month, I hope you enjoy this one and look forward to the next one! Cheers!



This is the second edition of the mix since we  have transitioned to a monthly schedule. Which gave me a little more time to record and write, resulting in a more heterogenous sound, compared to the weekly editions. In this mix I have focused on a more base heavy percussive sound and dove into some more progressive/post club tracks towards the end.

In this mix are a lot of tracks which I discovered when I first started digging through bandcamp. Like this first track, which is „Heart“ by Doon Kanda, a kind of uncanny, spherical introduction into this mix. Doon Kanda is one of the musical outlets for artist Jesse Kanda, who was born in Japan and is now based in London. Part of his work is not only his own musical Production & collaborations with Artists like Arca, Björk or FKA Twigs, but also a strain of ultra surrealist render graphics which can be found on his website.
Coming in next is „Hebi no Tori“ by Basses Terres, who is affiliated with the amazing BFDM records out of Lyon. The Imprint houses great Artists and Groups like J-Zbel, OKO Dj or Low Jack. Creeping in comes „This Old Track“ by Phillip Otterbach, one of the first residents of Salon des Amateurs (SDA). The track manages to build a very nice tension with it’s expanding percussive sounds, pulsating base and creepy vocal break. The second Vocal coming in is from the Fantastic Twins „Fur Stunden Lang (Lost in Germany)“ from their edition of Optimo musics „Against Facism Trax“ EP  series, which began around a year ago with an amazing release by Logtoad followed by one of my favourite EPs by AI Jerry.
This next one is another local group affiliated with SDA, „Radio Island“ is a 12 minute Odyssey by Kreidler, with complex layered percussion and synths. Even thought is quite complex it still keeps a lot of rhythmic elements making it a very enjoyable track both to listen and to move to. The wobbling base that comes in stems from Joe Goddart’s „Broken“ which can also be found on Optimo Music. Goddart is mostly known for being one of the two co-founders of the englisch synth pop outfit Hot Chip.
Taking the felt tempo a notch down and the sub base a notch up is „12:10“ by Orson, another frequent visitor of the SDA. A track released on his Berlin based label, which is one of the most interesting source for base heavy dance music in Germany. Incoming is a really nice flute-ish melody, which carries us into „Angles“ by Nathan Melja, which was released through rush hour Distribution out of Amsterdam. Just before the flute cuts out the transition is complete and the song gets more base heavy for a while, before returning to the sweet melody in the next part  of the hook.
Coming in with a more gloomy and synthetic melody is another track from the Netherlands, namely „Namane mantra“ by Venderstrooik, which is a group consisting of three friends who are prone to generate a huge amount of output on many platforms, including soundcloud free downloads, exclusives or official venial releases. Through the moodiness breaks the drum line out of Nite Fleits „Partly sunny“, the Australian born, London based producer. The track can be found on „Steel City Dance Discs Volume 7“.
Following that is one of my favorites by De School resident upsammy „Vacate or annihilate“ released on the also amazing London based whites label. Very rich in textures resembling special effects sounds, combined with a traditional drum - and a progressive baseline, that translate very well into another track released on whites last year, „iii’s Front“ by Overmono. A collaborative project by brothers Tom and Ed Russel, respectively known as Truss and Tessela. Picking up is a track by Melbourne based producer and Dj Jared Beeler, also known as Dj Plead. Who adeptly fuses Lebanse pop music influences with a UK base sound, creating a sound that was before unseen.
„1910“ by AAOL CRTD, was released recently on the experimental label Comic Sans Records as part of the „Pr. Raoults Secret weapons“ compilation. Comic Sans rec. has an attitude similar to BFDM, which I have mentioned earlier, being very ironic in their presentation while being seriously experimental in their sound,  incidentally it is also based in lyon.
Introducing the last three tracks is „Steel Resolve“ by LA based producer Farsight, which transitions into Affection, Simulacrum, Glare (Expectation) by luxxuryproblems who is responsible for one of the most exciting albums that I have listend to last year. With his release on cologne based label SPA he has created something in the intersection of dystopian-club/post-club music and soundtrack, which is really worth listening to as a whole!
Topping of the mix is a more utopian Vision „Ancient Mana Crypt“ courtesy of jjjacob. Thanks to Dagmar for the recommendation!



As you might have noticed we have changed the mix sxhedule from weekly to monthly. Mainly because we are back  in the shop and work is continuing. You can now expec the mix to go online at the beginning of each month.
Now let's get into the mix, this one starts out with "J"-Zone a spacy extensive synth track by Luxxuryproblems (SPA) from his 60% comfort release which i tried to transition smoothly into the much more percussive "Deadwringer" by Düsseldorf band Kreidler.
Continuing the percussive mood is "Cleansing Dub" by Mad Professor, whom I discovered through his collaborational release with Massive Attack, an interesting combo definitely worth listening to! Next ist "Velocity" by Ludwig A.F.Röhrscheid an Artist out of Frankfurt, who is followed up by a 2016 Beesmunt Soundsystem release on Honey Soundsystem called "Blissed out", which has this amazing flute lduring the intro and outro, which carries nicely into Orson's (Version) "12:09" a very minimalist dub/base piece. A nice platform to jump into the way more quirky "People-Party" by Soul Oddity, which was recently remastered and realeased on Schematic Music Company. Slowly going towards the end "Minima" by Parish Smith and Actress's "Ascending" make way for a quick genre shift, I'll leave that out for the surprise effect.




The start into this one is made by two Xcor tracks off their 2006 "Evolution" Release Debbie Jones and Robbert Heijnen of Exquisite Corpse. Sqeezed inbetween in a wounderful track called "Sana's Roots" by AI Jerry, which is fron Optiomo Musics "Against Facism Trax series".

Next are a two of Düsseldorfs SDA Natives, with "Rave the Forest" by bufiman of his latest release "Albumsi" and "Jeidem Fall" by Tolouse Low Trax. They are followed up by Deam Blunts "Son" into a collab project by Massive Attack and Dub legend Mad professor. Which with its acidic ending makes a great transition into Sandoz's "Morning Star Dubmix". Ending the more dancey part of this mix is AT's cut of "Highlander" which is mixed into a track a can't seem to find the name of at the moment.

Entering with kind of a brak is a baleric mix of "Call A Wave" by Malcolm McLaren by coolant browser, which is followed by one of my two favourite tracks from 2019 release "Leben" by Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge, "Warum ich so erschöpft bin" a feeling I think we all acn relate to by now.




This one turned out to be a bit longer than usual and is also a bit more dancey in the middle parts. Starting out with "November Cut" by Solafra from SPNT001, a comp. that was also featured in the lst mix. Into a track from big material a charity compilation by UK's If-Only magazine. The fatured track is "Rowly-Ta" by Amserdam Dj and Producer Max Abysmal, followed by "Dernière Larme Du Passage" by Organizatsiya from Bamboo Shows 001.

Next is "Phantoms" from the Album "Buddy language" a local trasure, "Phonehads" consits of Philipp Maiburg and Michael Scheibenreiter who met in 1997 in Düsseldorf Unique Club and released this as their second Publicaton in 1998. This transtions into "Sea of islands" by Sign Libra off the Freedom to spend comp, to pave the way for a Gem from Belgian outfit Nightfall in Camp. The track is called "Cada Dia" and this version was rereleased on Amsterdam Label Music from Memory, the original release was in 1985 on Soundwork. Next a little mistake happend and I played a track which was acutualy already played in the second Mix, but its not too bad since it is such a joy to listen to ("Golden Bug" by Andi Otto). Also it made the way for a few more dancey tracks like "Abnormal Interference" by Eat Static and "Tarot" by MR TC from Müstena Records off "Shelter" a compilation dedicated to providing support for “Eylül Cansın Trans Guest House" founded by the Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association to create awareness for the hight murder & suicide rate of trans perople in Turey. Its worth checking out for its content and worth some support as well!
The Mix finishes with a track by Dean Blunt and Inga copeland which I can't find the Name of at the moment (which seems to become a tradition in this series.




This one opens with "Against The Sky"  by Brian Eno & Harold Budd and quickly transitions into a track called "Anata" by Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano which was recently released on the latest compilation by "freedom to spend", a label focussed on releasing overlooked gems from a past age. With the next tracks it passes into more of a percussive sound, with tracks by the likes of Malte Marten, Otapi, African Head Charge and Sibu.

The second half progresses into more of a synthetic sound starting with "PM10" by Kenya Kanazawa, released on "SPNT001: For the Rave" a compilation by a bi-anual magazine and monthly mix series. Which mixes into "Alien Patrol" by the greats of The Infinity Project a UK Band consisting of jazz flutist Ron Rothfield and Graham Woods who went on to found TIP with Raja Ram, a legendary Goa & Trance label. Sami Baruhs "Passage Noir" is followed by "Little Lines" by JASSS from Denkmantels Selecors 005 by Lena Willikens. Unfourtunately I forgot the Names and Interprets of the last two tracks, as soon as I think of them I will add them. Hope you enjoy this one - alphosee




With tracks by Len Leise, Maxwell Sterling, Andi Otto, John Zorn, Cigarra + Janaína, Trimopen, Bear Bones lay low and some others. The opener on this one is entitled "Esto Se Masca" X.Y.R. from "bamboo shows tape 001", a lyon based podcast and party series which I highly recommend checking out! Same can also be said for "Safe needing attention", a compilation by cologne based label SPA, from which i included two tracks.

Thanks to my friend Sonja for digging out Golden Bug by Andi Otto (fande in ca min 15). makes for a hypnotic transition into Sex magick by NY Jazz composer John zorn. I hope you enjoy this one - alphosee




This one features some amazing tracks by Andréa Daltro, River Yarra, Craig Leon, Bauhaus, Jura Soundsystem, Bufiman and some others. I hope you enjoy this first mix  and have a great week - alphosee