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Macarons by O&O x ANMO
Macarons by O&O x ANMO
Macarons by O&O x ANMO

Macarons by O&O x ANMO

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Two kinds of Macaroons, combining exquisite craftsmanship on many levels. Handmade by Mike Tsang from O&O with a selection of some of our finest teas, which stand exemplary for the diversity of Asian tea culture.

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Matcha/Black Sesame Macaroon: A Hand-Picked Saemidori-Matcha from Uji, Kyoto. This exquisite Premium Tea adds rich, sweet, and yet balanced notes to this approach on the French Macaroon.

Wuyi Yancha/Tonka Bean Macaroon: A different character, yet just as deep, is provided by one of the most popular Chinese roasted Oolong, Tie Luo Han Yancha from the Wuyishan National Reserve, Fujian. The carefully hand-roasted tea adds warm and fruity tastes.

This box contains 6 macarons, 3 of each kind, all hand-made by chef Mike Tsang.

For the best taste, enjoy the macaroons the day you purchased them.
If you want to save them for a while you can store the macaroons in the fridge for a maximum of three days, take them out of the fridge 30 minutes before consumption. Then, enjoy!

Restaurant O&O is a fine dining restaurant established in 1982 by Danny & Helena Tsang and showcases a delectable array of Modern Oriental Cuisine. Our restaurant presents a modern take on traditional Asian and local cuisine, using only premium ingredients, refined techniques and characterized by a quest for refinement and harmony. In 2018 O&O has been awarded one Michelin Star. www.restaurantoeno.nl

Contents: egg white, salt, sugar, almond flour, tonka beans, black sesame oolong tea, butter, cream, matcha, white chocolate 32% min cocoa, white chocolate 28% min cocoa

Eiweiß, Salz, Zucker, Mandelmehl, Tonkabohnen, schwarzer Sesam, Wuyi Yancha (chin.Oolongtee), Butter, Sahne, Matcha (jap. Pulvergrüntee), weiße Schokolade 32% mind. Kakao, weiße Schokolade 28% mind. Kakao