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ANMO combines an advanced art gallery with a tea shop, serving and trading selected high quality Chinese and Japanese teas, new and antique teaware, suited equipment for an authentic tea experience, along with an inspiring giftware assortment. There are Tea Classes on mondays & tuesdays, and Tea Tastings are possible anytime during the opening hours as well as by appointment.

Anna Friedel and Motoko Dobashi, the ANMO associates, are both artists, living and working in Düsseldorf. They got to know each other during their arts studies at the Munich Academy and soon started to travel to Japan and Hongkong together. Every journey brought them closer to what they now realized with their ANMO Art Gallery and Tea Shop.

ANMO is located right in the Asian heart of Düsseldorf, you may combine your visit with an exhilarating tour through one of the city‘s most unique intercultural quarters. Today, the quarter is also known as “Little Tokio” because lots of Asian, especially Japanese companies, have their residence here. Around ANMO, you will find all sorts of Asian restaurants and shops, ranging from most simple to most exclusive.


Bendemannstraße 18
40210 Düsseldorf

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Öfnungszeiten/Opening Hours

Di-Fr 14:00–18:00
Sa 12:00–20:00

ANMO Art/Cha
Bendemannstr. 18
40210 Düsseldorf

Opening Hours:
Mo-Sa 10:00–20:00